Hop-up Kits

Push performance to the limits!

Brushless Speed Kit (DIDC1150)

It's the maximum performance package for all Dromida vehicles currently powered by brushed motors. Going brushless boosts top end speeds to 30 mph and extends the life of your power system!


  • 5300kV Brushless Motor
  • BE18 25A Brushless ESC
  • RX18 Receiver
  • All hardware and accessories, including:
    • 12T pinion (for MT vehicles)
    • 13T pinion (all other vehicles)

Recommended parts for top-level performance:

  • DIDC1134 – 7.4V 1600mAh LiPo Battery Pack
  • DTXP4620 – Li-24 2-4S AC Balancing LiPo Charger
  • DTXC2223 – Charge Lead with Mini Connector

All available separately.

Stock Number: DIDC1150

Instruction Manual

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Brushless Speed Kit - Stock Number: DIDC1150 Photo

Brushed Speed Kit (DIDC1151)

The simple, affordable way to boost top speeds to 25 mph! Fits all Dromida 1/18 scale vehicles with brushed motors.


  • Speed Secret 22T 370 Brushed Motor
  • Aluminum Motor Heat Sink
  • 12T Pinion (for MT vehicles)
  • 13T Pinion (for all other vehicles)
Stock Number: DIDC1151
Brushed Speed Kit - Stock Number: DIDC1151 Photo

Aluminum Drive Train Kit (DIDC1160)

These blue-anodized aluminum upgrades add massive strength and great looks! This all-in-one kit works with all Dromida vehicles.


  • Aluminum Axles
  • Aluminum Center Drive Shaft
  • Aluminum Dogbones
  • Aluminum Spur Gear
Stock Number: DIDC1160
Aluminum Drive Train Kit - Stock Number: DIDC1160 Photo

Aluminum Shock Kits

The lightness and flex-free strength of aluminum provides more consistent shock action and handling. Blue-anodized for instant admiration.

All Shock Kits Include:

  • Aluminum Front & Rear Shock Towers
  • Aluminum Front & Rear Shocks with Springs
BX4.18 Aluminum Shock Kit BX4.18 Aluminum Shock Kit Stock Number: DIDC1170 For all Dromida BX vehicles
MT4.18 Aluminum Shock Kit MT4.18 Aluminum Shock Kit Stock Number: DIDC1171 For all Dromida MT vehicles
SC4.18 Aluminum Shock Kit SC4.18 Aluminum Shock Kit Stock Number: DIDC1172 For all Dromida DB/DT/SC/Wasteland vehicles.