Exciting aerial camera action, straight from the box!

The ready-to-fly Dromida® Sync™ 251 FPV makes it easy to capture high-definition aerial videos and still photos inside or outdoors. While you shoot breathtaking images, the Sync 251 draws on advanced stabilizing features to keep flight under control automatically.

Optical Flow technology gives the Sync 251 FPV unrivaled stability in an entry-level camera quad. Optical Flow gathers data from patterns on the ground or floor below. It uses that information to assist the quad in holding its lateral, or side-to-side, position. Another feature, Altitude Hold, automatically adjusts the throttle to maintain your desired flying height. It all adds up to easy takeoffs, confident landings, and rock-solid flight even in light winds.

Can piloting the Sync 251 FPV be any simpler? Yes, when you select its optional Headless Mode. With Headless Mode active, it doesn’t matter which end of the quad is the “front” — it will always move in the same direction that you move the control sticks. You don’t even have to think about orientation!

At the push of a button, the Sync 251 FPV quad’s 1080p Wi-Fi camera records high-definition video and 2 megapixel still photos directly to an on-board memory card. The camera can articulate up to 90 degrees. Point it straight down to take striking, cinematic shots.

With the ultra-low latency Wi-Fi downlink, you can use your smart device as a quad’s-eye flight monitor after downloading the free, dedicated app. Face the Sync 251 on-board camera forward and fly exciting FPV!

The 250mm Sync 251 FPV has a high-contrast, black and white trim scheme that makes the quadcopter easy to follow in the sky. LED indicators below the prop arms add visual flair and an additional point of reference for orientation.

Sync 251 FPV Camera Drone RTF
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